Friday, August 07, 2009

2009 08 07 1134 am Not Sure this is Funny...

Somebody might, just might, be playing games with me...

My air conditionging came back on at 850am this morning, exactly 24 hours after it went off. Alot of staff comes and goes for the 9am start.

I was just fixing to take another cold shower. Now I leapt out of bed, closed up the windows, put the plastic shutter type things back up, as best as could, closed up the curtains, even though I love the view, and still took a cold shower and put on a fresh dress thingy.

THe one two I wore last night STUNK something awful cause I sweated all night long. I finally got clean sheets last night and then sweated all night. *sigh*

My laundry came back today and I sent the two stinky dresses from the 100 degree sweat out to wash.

It's so confusing here. Most folks NEVER wear a name card so you have no idea who is dealing with you or what their position is. One day I was chatting up a lady about my medical mess and suddenly she says "I better go get you a nurse about this!"

I was flabbergasted, I thought she WAS the nurse.

The angels continue to take care of the and the devils try to make my life, well, um, hellish *giggle*.

Yet being in this particular hospital is fascinating, because probably 50 or more countries are represented amongst the staff and visitors!

I just wanna CRY! TODAY is the DONKEY RACES!!!

Boo Hoo Hoo!!!

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