Friday, August 07, 2009

2009 08 07 458am Was That WIND?

The nurse comes and takes my stats. I tell her I feel sorry for the staff, it's not like you can call in sick when you work at the hospital and the air conditioning is broke on the hottest days of the year.

We both moan and commiserate. It has been a windless night. I tell her I have not slept much at all and she says she notices I was up most of the night.

We laugh about my ridiculously HIGH bed.

A slight breath of wind comes by and we GASP, was that the elusive wind?

TODAY is the DONKEY RACES in Carrot Bay and I just wanna cry. I wanna go so badly! My friend in the wheel chair, he says we should just sneak off and go.

He wonders outloud, if I am strong enough to push his chair around Carrot Bay Festival.

Push your chair around? I am going to park you and your chair in the shade while I race my donkey, Merman! I point to the sleek Donkey, that is tied up under the tree in the parking lot. (Merman the donkey, LOVES the hospital food...)

My wheel chair bound friend lets his eyes light up and I hand him my camera and show him how to take pictures!

Sooooooooooo... if you see a camerman in a wheelchair, a Mermaid with one good arm, and a Donkey named Merman hitchiking from somewhere near the hospital sidewalk, give us a lift to Carrot Bay please!

We be racing, mon!

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