Sunday, August 23, 2009

843am Sunday and ALIVE and almost well!

My head aches. Sometimes where i was hit over the head, it suddenly aches for no reason at all, just to irritate me I guess. My arm has phantom pains from the needles. I didn't think that was possible! But everywhere they stuck me on my left arm comes back to haunt me now and then and it feels like I am being stuck all over again or the vampire is poking me and sucking out more blood.

I tossed one of the ppurchased drugs already, number three tossed out now.

The first two were outrageously expensive designer drugs. the kind they advertise on TV all day long. One was for allergies and the other for high cholesterol, neither of which I have, so I failed to purchase them.

Now how did this world end side down? You can't advertise liquor or cigs, but you can advertise dangerous drugs? And an innocent herb, well known for its healing qualities (marijuana) can land you in prison! Is this a world gone mad?

The drug I tossed is to remove excess water. The same thing apple cider vinegar does. I should have had my vinegar in the hospital. Maybe they wouldn't have gave me the dangerous water drug. i say dangerous becasue the side effects, read that THE EFFECTS included many unpleasantries such as blurry vision, constipation, vertigo and dizziness. The chronic constipation was causing hemorrhoids and bleeding, so I was just miserable all around.

I just bought 3 pairs of prescription eyeglasses before I went to the hospital, so I was pretty dismayed to have blurry vision now and the glasses weren't helping. I bought a polarized sunglass pair, a clear pair (the accountant look) and readers for threading needles and reading teeny tiny print on drug bottles, boxes and inserts.

I went out and bought Apple Cider Vinegar, drank a bunch with my liquids and like magic, I lost a lot of water weight and swelling. No side effects, matter of fact, apple cider vinegar has many positive effects. I prefer the organic Braggs brand of apple cider vinegar, (they include the mother, which makes it look cloudy, but you shake it up and it's good for you) but being that I am on a super cheap budget (no medical insurance) I bought the White House Apple Cider Vinegar which was fairly cheap and promises to be all natural, even though it doesn't have the mother in it. Besides, Braggs sells in town 45 minutes away and the other brand sells less than two miles away. I've tried the Shur Fine Apple cider vinegar, but WHEW is that tangy and can make your cheeks really pucker up (at both ends!)

I'm still battling the thrush on my tongue with liquid meds and the staph infection on my left arm from the needle mis-use. But both seem to be slowly but surely healing.

Now I have probably bored you to tears or if you had insomnia, I just cured it!

Like a cat, I still sleep a lot, trying to will my body to heal itself. When I am in pain, which is often, I think about this cold clear river in the mountains. My mother used to say you could sit int he river and it would cool you down for the whole summer. So I think about it and immerse my whole body into that icy cold river and it deadens all the pain. But it also tends to put me to sleep.

I am tired now, nite nite!

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