Thursday, August 20, 2009


Frances from Chicago.
I noticed that you are still in an upright position, instead of the dreaded prone!
Are you sure that hospital doesn't need micro managing?
Little deeds of kindness,
Little acts of love,
Show that we're acquainted
With the Lord above.
Little deeds of kindness
Cheer us on our way.
And help ourselves and others
Have a happy day.
Acts of loving kindness
Prompt a happy smile,
And add a joy to living
And make life worthwhile.
by Vera Beall Parker
Safe Keeping,
ps: Remember, after storms come rainbows.


I sleep much of my day away. I try to get up and putter around the house, but everything aches or I get dizzy or I just get plain wore out!

My black kitty is stretched out here in front of the fan looking positively wore out too! I have my laptop computer on a bar stool by the bed instead of in my office. That way I don't have far to fall when I am tired!

I've been downloading movies and shows while I sleep so that IF we had a big bad hurricane and no current or TV, I could fire up the generator and watch movies.

As for micro managing the hospital, different shifts are run different ways and other than the head honchos, everyone seems to be on a rotating schedule. That must be tough on their relatives.

One HUGE improvement the hospital could do is make EVERYONE where a label that tells their JOB TITLE. I was thoroughly confused between those that wore whites, pale blues, dark blues, pinks, purples, greens and so on. Some wore no uniform at all. The doctors wore white coats, mostly, and security wore browns. No one wore hats, I guess those are out of vogue now, except some of the nutrition ladies wore hair nets.

Such as the gardener who was wearing a shirt with skull heads printed all over it, a pair of jeans, flip flops and surgeon's gloves while he raked.

The nutrition and kitchen department needs a MAJOR overhaul. The calories widely as did the quality of the food.

I noticed that some employees arrived empty handed and left carrying large bags of stuff. I thought this suspicious.

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