Thursday, August 20, 2009

I've been out of the hospital for a week now, and I am WEAK!

When I got out, I mentioned earlier how I had all these little plastic grocery bags packed up with my stuff. One for dirty clothes, one for clean clothes, one for toiletries, one for snacks, one for chocolate, one for drugs, my computer in a tattered bluejean backpack (it's only 20 years old with rusty buckles, but somehow the zippers have survived) and my purse plus the gift of the stand fan. All I needed was a shopping cart and I could be the bag lady!

My friend showed up to pick me up and thoroughly embarrassed me further by fetching a big black garbage bag and dumping all my stuff in it! Now I did positively look totally homeless and decrepit. We managed to get the pile of debris out the veranda, where I had to stand with it all, while she went to fetch her car.

I am sure it was quite entertaining for the people on the veranda. The lady that sells patties (meat filled turnovers she stressed were baked and not fried) was there. The day before she had sold me patties when I found my lunch a tad disgusting. My lunch had gone to the wild kitty at the edge of the hospital property. When I wobbled back up to the veranda, my friend in the wheel chair had pointed out the pattie lady for me and I went over and did my shopping with her then realized I had no money in my purse. So I hiked back to my room and found some cash and went back out and paid her.

So, now, a day later, I went over and told her that her patties did MAGIC and brought me the miracle I was hoping for, and I was GOING HOME!

We stopped at the Boat House Restaurant at the Manual Reef Marina in Sea Cows Bay (See Cows Bray!) because my friend there had my house keys. The chef made me one my favorite dishes there, a Salmon pizza made like traditional Lox and Bagels, only served on pizza instead of a bagel. I took it home, because I knew there wasn't much there to eat. It was DELICIOUS though hit took me 4 meals to eat it all, as my tongue was still so sore, I could hardly chew without great pain.

Also, the meds seem to have made my teeth super sensitive. My face is swollen and the Docs say this is normal, but I don't get it! How can a swollen face be normal?


A Hurricane Katrina s(2005) pecial from New Orleans is on HBO right now. It's a real tear jerker to watch. No one knows for sure how many died. I think it was in the thousands, though officals report a paltry sum of 1200. I find that VERY hard to believe.

This is the show I am watching, it's a real must-see, a very sobering story.

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