Thursday, August 06, 2009

2009 08 06 PIZZA in PARADISE! Angels to the Rescue!

Oh my goodness!

Imagine my SURPRISE when PIZZA showed up! YIPPEE!!!!!

No more freezer burn rotten rock hard fake fish on a stale bun for my dinner tonight, it's PIZZA in paradise, courtesy of my good friends! WHAT a fantastic surprise! YAHOO!

There are ANGELS everywhere!


Speaking of GREAT food...

The other day my departing friend (she left for USA) brought me her very own HOME MADE Mango Jam and man oh man is THAT delicious. I thought it would go home with me, unscathed, but........

I found out about 2am when I was cranky as all get out from being shook, woke up, pricked, shot, stabbed, poked and generally annoyed all around. I was now WIDE awake and had the munchies.

I got out my secret stash of crackers and spent about ten minutes fussing with this homemade jam jar and FINALLY triumphantly opened it up. Because it was homemade, it was super sealed and at home I have these round rubber thingys I use to open jars but here in the hospital, I am ill equipped.

I spread the homemade Mango jam on a few crackers and YUMMY. Mango Madness at 2am!

Now it's PIZZA in paradise! YAHOO!

I'm saving up pizza for breakfast too!

My Air conditioning is still broke. *sigh* The whole ward is broke now and HOT and miserable and bellyaching. I've been calling around trying to beg, borrow, buy, steal a FAN with absolutely no luck at all.

My dress is stuck to me front and back. My clothes didn't come back from the laundry, so I do have one dress left to change into, but man oh man, sweat sweat sweat!

I climbed inside stairs today, and I climbed outside stairs today. I went for a short walk several times today. I wander the hallways. People used to try to help me, now they don't, they just let me wander.

I'm trying to build up my strength! My ribs ACHE though. I think we better X-ray again and make sure I didn't bust any up again.

There are a LOT Of vampires working here, and the devil too! More devils than you would think! Most of the staff are angels but then there are those in the middle, we don't know WHAT they are.

The nurse suggested I raise my bed up high to catch the high windows and the breeze. So this bed goes REALLY high! I now need to climb up on the chair, then into my bed!

It's not at all cooler up here at all.

The view is better.

The water coolers are EMPTY all day today. No air conditioning and no cooled water. I am surprised the staff doesn't just QUIT.

I guess it's hard to call in sick, when you work in a hospital!

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