Thursday, August 06, 2009

2009 08 06 1157am More Bad News

The team of doctos came in and crowded around. One pulled out his stethascope and listened to me at all angles. He made grave faces at the others, and shook his head.

I was all dressed up and packed, ready to go home!
I even told them I was ready to go home!

They laughed.

"You can't go home because you are far too weak, like a lost little kitten without a mother, you have to stay and get much stronger before you can go out on your own."

"Now tell us where it hurts..."

"Ok," I fessed up, "My ribs HURT, and my back hurts, but only if I breathe..."

"But, but, but! I've been doing the STEPS! I walk up and down the steps throughout the day! And if I go home, that means I can climb up and down my yard and driveway, so, um, I thought I was getting stronger!

Just not strong enough, and the fast that I climb a few stairs, then plop then in bed exhasuted, well , um, I've GOT to do better.

Now if SOMEBODY would come fix this Hospital's Air Conditioning. Be a shame to work this hard at getting well, only to die of heat stroke...

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