Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 08 10 608am Soaking your WHAT???

If I put the vanilla yogurt all over my tongue and hold it there as long as possible, my tongue stops hurting.


I have mouth thrush. YUCK!

The yogurt either prevents it or cures it, I forget which.

I am grumpy as all get out.

That's my name today.


Usually I am Dopey or Wheezy.

The nurse was having trouble getting the blood pressure machine to work on me this morning. My blood pressure is surprisingly normal all the time. But just the same, they check it 8 times a day to make sure I am alive.

After fiddling around with me in the hallway, trying to get my blood pressure reading (I was sneaking around trying to grab my yogurt from the fridge) the nurse let out a long big sigh and you could tell she just wanted to bash in the blood pressure machine (or bash me..)

She hooked me all up again and still no reading. So I said "OK, that DOES it. I am just DEAD this morning and I am so tired, I am going back to bed!"

I unhooked the blood pressure cuff and shuffled back to the comfort of my bed, where I sit now, soaking my tongue in yogurt.

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