Sunday, August 09, 2009

2009 08 09 341 pm Driving Miss Crazy...

Doctor, Doctor! Those meds make me think I'm a bridge!
Oh? What's come over you?
Um, two cars, a large truck and a jeep.

Doctor, Doctor I think I'm a rubber band
Stretch yourself out and tell me all about it...

Doctor, Doctor I keep seeing double.
Please! Sit down sit on the exam table!
Which one?

Doctor, Doctor I’ve lost my memory!
When did this happen?
When did WHAT happen?

Doctor, Doctor I've broke my arm in two places
Well don't go back to EITHER of those places ever again!

Doctor, Doctor You've got to help me - I just can't stop my hands from shaking
Do you drink a lot?
Not much really - I spill most of it!

Doctor, doctor, I keep seeing purple and yellow elephants!
Have you seen a psychiatrist?
No - just purple and yellow elephants...

Doctor, doctor, my eyesight is getting worse.
It certainly is - this is the Post Office.

Doctor, Doctor I'm becoming invisible.
Yes I can see; you're not all there !

Doctor, doctor, I'm shrinking so fast that I am now only three feet tall!
Well, you'll just have to be a little patient.

Doctor, doctor, I'm suffering from amnesia.
Take these pills and you'll soon forget all about it...

Doctor, doctor, I'm worried about my insomnia.
I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Doctor, doctor, I think I'm going to die....

Don't be silly - that's the last thing you'll do!


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