Saturday, August 22, 2009

1105am Saturday and grumpy

Yesterday was rough on me. I swelled up like a balloon. I went out to haul the garbage and go take pics of the surfers on the north shore. I felt like I had been run over by a train and left out in the desert to shrivel up and die. I felt so terribly weak.

I stopped at the store for juice and forgot the much needed Apple Cider Vinegar. Grrrrrrr...

I came home and was far too weak to take a much needed cold shower. I drank some bush tea then I collapsed in the bed and woke up to darkness and no elec-tricky. The heat and humidity just seemed so unbearable. My phone rang. It was after midnight. Someone long distance checking on me. I explained my dilemma then got off the phone.

I moved the generator outside but the effort required a five minute rest. Next, I pulled three times with all my might on the starter then realized it was empty of gas. I tried to pour gas from the jug into the measuring cup and from there into the generator. I kept spilling it. My eyes are blurry from the excessive meds I am on.

I wanted to cry but was too dehydrated. So i did my breathing exercises.

Then I laid out the 100 foot electric cord by flashlight. I went back outside to try to start the generator. I took a deep breath.

The elec-tricky came back on.

I put the generator back inside, along with the gas can and gas measuring cup.

In the bathroom I tried to undress but my clothing was firmly glued to me. When I finally freed myself, I could wring the sweat out, my dress was wetter than if it had come out of a washing machine.

I stood in the cold shower for a few blissful minutes trying to cool down. I went to bed under two fans and passed out.

I really wanted to find something that was indicative and reflective of the many experiences
you encountered and shared with us during your recent hospital stay. However, I am not
so sure that I, myself, could have kept a stiff upper lip and a smile on my face without some
serious duck tape. Let me try:
I thank You God for friends. . . who
When I could not pray -- they could.
I thank You for friends, that,
When I did not pray -- they would.
For in those times when circumstance
Brought my spirit so very low, 'My mind was filled with uncertainties;
But Your Will, they seemed to know.
In those times of my trials;
They would pray and intercede . . .
I thank You God for having friends
Who care that much for me.
Help me also know the times their hearts
Are filled with sadness;
Thank You God, as I intercede for them,
You are The Friend who brings them gladness!
by Donna Bennett Howell
Cheer to your heart and peace to your mind,
Frances - Chicago
I hope you are getting some of your strength back. It will take some time. You will be amazed at how weak a hospital stay can make you when you are lying in a bed for too long.
Frances from Chicago says:
When you've received a blessing
from friends or an unknown,
Remember, and be grateful,
and someday pass it on.
If someone stops to help you
when you are really stuck,
Don't reject that needy stranger
who's fallen on bad luck.
When you were cold and hungry,
think how it could have been
If all who saw you coming
had "no room in the inn."
Each day we should be thankful
for those who pass our way
Spreading rays of sunshine
to brighten up our day.
Each simple act of kindness
is like a seed well sown...
Remember, and be grateful,
and someday pass it on!
by Clay Harrison
Best Wishes,
p.s. Obviously some of the hospital caregivers never heard of karma

You can say THAT again!!!

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