Monday, August 03, 2009

2009 08 03 1255pm More ANGELS!

The Festival Parade is starting and there is loads of music and whistle blowing.

The team of doctors came around this morning with two new docs on the case. My original doc seems to have memorized my entire case. I am impressed.

My records fill up a big blue notebook they trot around with, besides the charts hanging off the end of my bed.

I had a big lung infection, it seems pretty clear now. But I'm just terribly weak.

The vampire came around again. Those pesky white blood cells are out of whack and there is no reason for that yet. It's baffling us all.

When do I get out? Not sure yet!

Oh the thing on my arm has turned into a staph infection and will be treated later on today. Grrrr.........

I had a VISITOR who came to see my nice room. We sat here in awe! WOW!

I have a window too, a view of the trees and the harbor.

I can hear the parade but not really see it.

I may try to go sneak a peek. It looks like the docs and nurses are done with me for now...

I ate a handful of pills and let out a nice long burp! tee hee hee

I am just a river rat, full of toxins, I can't wait to get out and clear my self of all these poisions!

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