Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2009 08 04 740pm Dark thirty and the angels are WINNING

Two weeks.

Ive been in the hospital TWO WEEKS????? OH MY GOODNESS!

This has never happened to me before. Well, sort of, it happened a long time ago, but different mess. Oh ten or twelve years ago, hmm, I forget when, I was found in a pool of blood at Nanny Cay but I was in and out of the hospital in like 4 days or something speedy. THen I moved into the hotel and paid a bloody fortune to recuperate, as due to the emergency surgery, I couldnt get back on my boat right away. I spent a summer up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, getting stronger and then came back down to the BVI, hopped on my boat, and never looked back. I guess I shudda done some follow up care?????

Oh well!

I'm still alive! YIPPEE!!

I am trying to laugh and be positive and upbeat. The laptop and Internet has kept me from going nuts. But much of the day, I am just so tired, I just lay and stare at the ceiling and doze off into la de dah la la land.

I have cellular internet, I am not connected to the hospital net, not sure they even have internet, from what the starr tells me. The staff keeps saying, you have Internet? WOW! And I explain how it works on my laptop off the cell tower and so on.

I figured out how to download some funny TV shows then watch them and laugh. LAUGHTER is the best medicine!

I chant a lot.

And I meditate.

I also learned self-hypnosis from a prof hypnotist years back and I try that several times a day. It's great for pain management. Before they do awful things to me, I think about this really cool place in the mountains of SC/NC where there is this beautiful icy cold stream... and I let that icy cold stream chill me over and I don't feel a thing when they do the nasty to me...

It works too, unless they rush me and yell at me, but lately everyone has been so nice to me!

My friends brought in juice fruit and yogurt for my health and TREATS for my sanity *tee hee hee*.

The hospital doesn't accommodate special requests, you have to get on the phone and get someone to bring in your special requests.

My belly can't tolerate all these drugs without the yogurt. So I am so GRATEFUL to have a few good friends that have really been a HUGE help.

ANGELS everywhere.

I pray for angels. I dream of angels. I see angels. Angels are keeping me alive.



  1. Did you see my earlier comment with links to YouTube vidoes of a comedian called Brian Regan?

    If you can't find them or if they aren't working for you, go to YouTube and search Brian Regan Emergency Room. It is in two parts.

    After you watch those, watch the rest of his stuff. It will make you laugh I guarantee. And he's clean.

    Sandra xo

  2. It's funny to hear you talk about NC, since I'm sitting right here in the mountains of NC. We had a rain storm earlier but now it's clear and cool - about 65 degrees. It will go down to 55 again tonight. Two blankets on the bed weather. I love it. If I can't be on Tortola then I'm happy to be here in NC. I sure wish you were well. I wish there was something I could do for you. If there is just say the word. Thinking about you and saying a prayer every night.

  3. I've followed you on Stormcarib for years and have always really enjoyed your posts- especially being a fellow Cat-Lover! My thoughts are with you as you endure your sentence in the Hospital-hopefully they can solve your puzzle quickly and get you home to your babies! As for the food, don't feel bad, here, stateside, "Cream of What" also occurs- along with the folishness of Imitation Bacon!
    Anywho, I'm praying that you get to go home soon, and that the darned ole docs can figure out whats wrong! Take care and keep up the positive thoughts, as difficult as it may prove to be at times. We're thinking of you.

    ~Kori from Louisiana


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