Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 08 11 1235m Tuesday August 11

I woke up and all is unwell. I am too tried to fight back.

Just did the midnight meds and nebs.



Glad I could make somebody SO HAPPY!


One of the patients discovered I had email and turned up at my bed. He wanted to email friends back at another hospital he used to be in. So I fired t'ings up and typed out his dictated message. I was about to send off the message when he said, "I wish I could send them a picture of me but I don't have any pictures and besides, I don't know how you do that, but I've heard people somehow send pictures of themselves over the Internet."

He looked off far away, dreaming about this new fangled technology.

He had just offered me $20 to send off email for him! I said "Good heavens NO, I cannot charge you for email!"

I whipped out my camera, said "SMILE!" and snapped his picture a few times, them uploaded it to the laptop computer. He sat there is awe! He couldn't believe I had just taken his picture, cropped it neatly then pasted it inside his email message.

I sent it off and he was so excited that he made several phone calls to people to let them know he had sent off his first email!

It felt GREAT to give someone else some HOPE!

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