Sunday, August 09, 2009

2009 08 09 1035am WOKE UP ALIVE AGAIN

Doc came around, just one on my case today, since it's Sunday and I am what you would call stabilized. I laugh a lot and try to to cut up with people.

Laughter is the BEST medicine.

I am suffering from side effects that make my tongue feel like it is on FIRE so I was up much of the night trying to deal with that.

Coating it with yogurt seemed to help.
One of my sponsors here advertises "Carving for Indian Food?"

I am CRAVING for Indian Food! I hope they eventually fix their advertisement...

I was also reading about a new vacation spot that is "located in the beautiful county" when they meant beautiful country...


I have a carzy friend. Well I have LOTS of crazy friends. But I have one who calls me evefry day and promises to visit the next day... This has been going on for 15 days now... tee hee hee.

I said HEY, just chat with me over the phone, you don't have to come by "Oh, no, I am COMING BY TOMORROW..." tee hee hee.

Like Janet Jolplon speculated, what if tomorrow NEVER happens????

Breafast came with EGGS today, about 2 tablespoons of cold scrambled eggs! YIPPEE! It also came with stale wheat bread, a slice of tomato and a teeny sliver of romaine lettuce. Then there was a small box of super sugary cereal and boiling evaporated milk in a styrofoam cup. AND A SUPRISE! An orange! FRUIT!!!! YAHOO!!!

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