Thursday, August 06, 2009

2009 08 06 921am Air Conditioning Gone Bye Bye

Would you work in a hospital if the sight of blood scared you?

Well, I met someone who works here who can't stand the sight of blood. They walked by me, let out a loud scream and called for the nurses to come running. Apparently blood was running down the backside of my arm.

I had no idea.

A nurse quickly cleaned me up while being scolded by the person who can't stand the sight of blood.

The Air conditioning was working at my end of the building and this morning I heard it when the fan went off. It died. No more air conditioing.

Now I am freshly showered and changed and dripping in sweat. The temperature is steadily climbing. My windows are covered in plastic. I am thinking of taking it down and opening the windows.

The devil came to do my vital signs. Scared me too. I don't like it when the devil comes near me.

SCAREY INDEED! The devil broke my air conditioining! AH HA!

I saw the patient in my former bed/location. Poor thing. She looked as miserable as me. Of course everyone mostly looks miserable here. THat's the point isn't it?


  1. Another couple of days and your friends from Minnetonka MN (Save the Mermaid) are scheduled to arrive at Peeble's Hospital. This should cheer you up no'll think its Christmas!


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