Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 08 12 327am Day 22, Mermaid held in Captivity

Has it been 22 days in a hospital? Holy cow! How did THAT happen?

Yesterday, I was put on guard and rather shocked when I was told, I would be going home in less than 100% condition and that I would be on 12 different medications for much of the rest of my life but perhaps they would or could be shortened to 6-8 medications at some point.

I was speechless and deeply concerned. In the past 20 odd years, I have been on ONE medication, save for the pain pills when I busted my legs.

How could this be? 12 dangerous chemicals as my reality?

They made it sound like my life was about over and I just can't seem to accept that as my reality. When did my green stamps run out? Who emptied out my parking meter?

So, I think I will follow these good Docs advice and get the hell out of here as fast as possible, complete with whatever drugs they suggest...

Then I will seek alternative solutions and second opinions and so on.

I am just concerened that I am so tired and wore out, and somehow I've got to come up with a TON of energy and in short order too!

But 12 meds to lead a less than satifactory life? Not sure anyone could or would call that LIVING...


Plan B...........

I'm working on Plan B!

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