Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2009 08 04 4pm Depression

Had company this morning and that cheered me up BUNCHES!

Only two docs came around today. They kicked around ideas, cancelled meds, added meds, ordered more tests, looked at my bad arm, looked at my good arm. Listened to my chest shake rattle and roll.


I wanna go home

boo hoo hoo

I *sniffle* miss *sniffle* my kitties.

I miss my life

I miss my friends


Two weeks in a hospital is ALOT!

boo hoo hoo

send me more angels

they are saving my life

send me home again

let me feel the softness of my kitty's fur, lsten to him purr, I am so sad, sad , sad

boo hoo hoo


  1. DMM, read the Wikipedia page for “Eosinophilic pneumonia” and see what you think. It is associated with high white blood cell counts and some of the symptoms you’ve mentioned. One trigger they mention is “dust”, so one far out possibility is perhaps the SAL which is so common in the Caribbean this time of year. Who knows?

  2. jks: I think you've got something there.....have been speculating on pneumonia for some little time. Hopefully DMM will pop the question to her Doctors. It's rare for anyone in this day & age to spend 2 weeks in a hospital and not have a diagnosis.

  3. EP is no ordinary pneumonia though. It's rare, and maybe the docs have missed it. It's supposed to respond well to steroids and we don't know if that's been tried yet. To solve it long term you also have to find the underlying cause of the white cell / immune system response, which is a trick in itself. DMM, did they ever take any chest x-rays? And who's taking care of the cats?


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