Thursday, August 06, 2009

2009 08 06 128am Calling All Angels

I managed to sneak in a few hours sleep before they caught me napping!

Then at 1230am, they woke me up, turned on the bright lights and left me with my meds. I can see fine from the hallway lights, I really don't need the bright lights over my bed.

Since escaping the ward, the lack of the near constant frequent bright light torture has been refreshing. I should be GRATEFUL as can be. I have NO idea how I ended up in a private room, but I must admit, it feel great!

It was more fun in the hall, to watch all the activity going on around me, but now I get more rest, and that is a BIG help.

I get up and turn the bright lights back off.


I am wide awake now, so I pick up the phone and I call someone I know who gets off work this late and likes to chat before they go to bed. We talk about diabetes and diet and the roller coaster food plan they serve up here and call a diabetes diet when it is far far far from anything resembling a diabetic diet.

It makes me feel good, my brain is coming back (I think!) My friend who has battled diabetes for years is laughing at the awful diet here and saying stuff like "No wonder your sugar is off the wall! They have your calorie count all over the place for starters!"

I wanna go home, plain and simple. I am still weak, but I am getting stronger. My brain is functioning.

Getting hit over the head and the complications, well that's just going to be my reality, as no one seems inclined to do anything about that.


I ache though and this is new. My ribs ache, my back aches, I ache. This is NEW. Hmm...

I am beginning to think, they have done all they can do for me, now it's time to pull the plug and let me go home and pet my kitties.

Calling all angels, send me on home
We're hurting, we're crying, we're ready to go home
Calling all angels, send me on home.

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  1. HI
    It's Barbara from St. Maarten
    I have not been around at for awhile so I was so surprised to here you have been in the hospital for 2 weeks.
    I am so sorry.
    I hope you are feeling better.
    You say you are getting stronger, which is good.
    rememebr ...they can't keep a good woman down..not for long anyway.
    Feel better soon and I hope you can go home soon.


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