Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2009 08 19 GIVING THANKS

I owe so many thank yous!

Thank yous for the emails and letters.

Thanks yous for the angels.

Thank yous for the prayers.

Thank yous for the gifts.

Thank yous for those supporting my book by buying it.

Thank yous for those encouraging others to buy my book.

Thanks yous for this day the Lord has made and allowed me to wake up alive.

Thank yous for my crazy friends, readers and family and those that are sane and love me anyhow.

Thanks yous for the cash donations from SAVE THE MERMAID. It has eased my stress tremendously.

Thank yous for the wonderful staff at Peebles Hospital who did so much to save my life.

Thank yous for my cats who love me no matter what. They even seem a bit more patient with me and not near as demanding as if they know it's tough on me.

Thank yous for the gifts of foods and meals. Cooking and preparing is so hard right now.

Thank yous for the fan gift that is keeping me cool.

Thanks yous for the water that keeps me alive.

Thank yous for the well wishes.

Thank yous for those who went out of their way to visit me in such a dismal place. The hospital, which is in need of a lot, needs a make over with bright cheery paints in the old section where the patients are housed.

Thanks yous for the Air Conditioning techs at the hospital that finally came through with repairs.

Thank yous that the lack of storms that have spared us thus far.

Thank yous for the movie "Music Within" a true story about one man who made a huge difference for the handicapped.

Thank yous that my antique *giggle* laptop that is still holding up and enabling me to write each and every day. As a hopeless dyslexic, the laptop has opened up the world for me.

This is just a short list of all the things I am grateful for.

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