Saturday, August 01, 2009

2009 08 01 ALL the Questions...

I know I am being peppered with the same questions:

WHat happened?

What have you got?

What's the diagnosis?

When do you get out?

I have so FEW answers.

What happened is I collapsped and tlaking about it is painful, but I have and I will but it's so BORING....

I don't know WHAT I have, lots of tests being run, but I am getting BETTER.

I have or had a BIG infection that apparently rendered my body useless.

I don't know WHEN I will get out (but it sure is tempting to escape!!!)

But like the gate keeper who alerted the head honcho that I was on the loose at 4am and in the parking lot, they told HIM,

(Don't WORRY, she can't get far in the shape she is in... call us when she falls down, and we come get her...)

RIght now I am BURNING up and I am going to go outside and sit in the wind.

Later alligator


  1. When you were talking about the pain questions you got, I thought of this and wanted to send you the links so you can have a good laugh. I hope you have time and internet to watch it. I hope it cheers you a bit.

    Love and prayers,

    Sandra xo

  2. Just cut and pasted the links to check that they worked and the first one doesn't, for some reason. The second worked for me, so if it works for you and you look to the sidebar on the right of the YouTube page, the first one should be there.

    If neither work for you, go to and search Brian Regan Emergency Room Part 1 , part two will show up in the right hand side bar.

  3. OH....also search for the one called Brian Regan at the Improv

    I thought of it when you talked about minute porridge.


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