Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2009 08 05 538am THEY LIED!

Another nurse roughly woke me up. The bright lights are turned on and I am shaken until my teeth rattle.

I stick out my arm.

What does she want?

Oh yeah, it's time to prove I am alive.

Nobody wants you dying on THEIR shift.

The paperwork is cumbersome, and the implied accusations... So here "nurse rough" goes about taking my temperature, my blood pressure and measuring my oxygen flow to prove I am still ALIVE on her shift.

Then she stabs me and draws blood and I let out a little "EEEEEK!" like I've seen a mouse and my voice ran away. All I can think is: HOW TIRED I AM!!!

I groggily ask her if she is going home.

"No!" she replies, "It's only 5am!"

She marches noisily away and leaves the bright lights on, shining in my eyes.

I fumble around, stand up, walk over to the light switch and turn them off again.


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