Friday, August 21, 2009

Email Replies

If you wrote me and if you didn't get a reply from me, then please check your SPAM file. For some reason, some readers reported finding m email in their SPAM file.

I don't send out spam, I only answer emails that were sent to me.

So put my email in your "safe" list. If you haven't heard from me, write again! I will see if I replied before and forward that to you and if I didn't well I will now!

My email is

DearMissMermaid AT aol. com

Of course you know WHAT to replace the AT with, I am trying to avoid spammers from getting my email off this blog *tee hee hee* so hopefully you can figure out how to correct the email and write me if you so desire.

Now, where does all this dust, fuzz and crud come from that is stuck on my hair brush? I am giving it a good soak in Joy soap, then getting it nice and clean again.

At the hospital, Lori, brought me a brand new hairbrush, as I had none and was looking pretty strange. I washed it everyday after brushing my hair and this seemed to amuse the other patients. I had no bucket to soak it in, like I am doing today.

The other day, I had thrown out an old hair brush, then couldn't find my other new one plus I know I had another not so old one around here, just can't find it. So I dug the old one out of the garbage, and gave it a good cleaning and now it's soaking in a bucket too.

Guess I will have lots of clean hair brushes now!

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