Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 08 08 ceiling doesn't have such good graphics...


I had mentioned it was NICE to have my laptop around now that I could do more than just stare at the ceiling...

...the email reply...

yah, that's really handy you got da laptop!! it keeps you connected and entertained too!

ceiling doesn't have such good graphics...

I burst out laughing! It is SO true...

And here's a funny cat card... (the purring made me cry!)

The patients are going on strike again. We want

better treatment or else we going to um....


Well, we're having trouble coming up with an

ultimatum, but...'

we'll think of SOMETHING...

We've thought about commandeering a Wham-bulance and

go for a joy ride...

If the staff can't find us... maybe that will

scare them into treating us better when they do

find us.. tee hee hee

Problem is, we're trying to figure out who is

strong enough to drive.

Looks like I am gong to be the designated driver,

cause I have use of both feet and one arm and

that's more than anyone else around here has at

the moment...

We could play the sirens and run out to Carrot Bay

and drive right up in front of the Carnival Stage

and park the wham-bulance up front and enjoy the

live music.

I so wanted to hear Maxi Priest

Hey baby baby it's a wide world...

ALSO, I bet my favorite leather sandal maker is out there! Boo hoo hoo, I can't go shopping for his custom leather sandals... I just love his work!

In the hospital, I am wearing my old um, hmm, what-cha-call-its, um..

CROGS! um, no,

CLOCKS! um, Crocks! Crocs?

anyhow the plastic comfy ugly shoes...

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