Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 08 08 208pm Survived Lunch...

Lunch wasn't that bad, except they brought me a pork chop and a flimsy plastic fork to eat it with.

The fork broke.

So I washed my paws and well, ate with them! Lately it's been plastic wear coming with the food, no idea why. Maybe they are out of dish washing soap. There seems to be a chronic shortage here of very basic supplies.

I've never seen Kleenex tissues. When I asked for some, they brought me folded paper towels from the bathroom dispenser. But now we are completely out of those, so NO paper towels at all anymore.

I asked around and the staff says they are finished.

For a few days last week, we had no toilet paper. Whether this is corruption or poor planning, no one knows. I feel sorry for the staff, working under these conditions. I feel sorry for the patients.

GOOD NEWS........

The docs said I might go home in a week or two.


I probably won't go home 100% well.

Tired..... today I am just VERY tired.

But........... I had surprise company! And that was FUN FUN FUN!


  1. I just thought of a small way all of us who read your blog can help you out.

    CLICK on some of the ad's on the blog page. That way Miss Mermaid will get some cash!!


  2. Miss Mermaid
    as you got rhough this sh... keep that wonderful sense of humour.
    I just bought your book btw.
    can't wait to read it.
    Keep on truckin'
    St. maarten


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