Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 08 14 1142am Sleep, Sleep, Sleep...

Yesterday, I was awake and excited to have company from 930 until 4pm. Then I went back to bed and now I can't seem to get OUT of bed. I did get up for an hour today, and it was so exhausting, I went back to bed.

Good grief.

I've got to get some energy going to make it out of here alive!

OK, back to bed, I am tired again.



  1. Very pleased for you that you are back between your own four walls and with your kitties. Take it easy! Oh, watch 90L near the Cape Verde Islands.

  2. I am glad you're home but you shouldn't be entertaining guests all day - that is why you are so exhausted. Maybe you can give people a two hour window that they can drop by?

    I think that now you are home you will mend much faster.



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