Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 08 14 707am Woke up ALive

I am not sure I made the right decision to come home early. When I am alone, I get very scared. Kinda odd, I used to be rough and tough!

Drew brought me green teas and two really cute stuffed kitties, in case I was still in the hospital, I would have company! They are cute as can be! When I go back to the hospital to visit my friends I left behind, I will take them for show and tell.

My real cats are taking turns being with me. Yesterday they were naughty and tried to steal my breakfast while I was in the bathroom. As a result , my plate smashed into a million pieces and my breakfast was inedible due to the multiple shards buried in it. Two naughty cats scampered out the door and hid from me for the next 4 hours. I don't know WHAT came over them! They know MY FOOD is off limits. tsk tsk tsk

The third cat, who is doing poorly, hung around me all day, as he had nothing to do with the breakfast caper. Hours later, the other two came sauntering back inside and up on my bed, as if to be begging for forgiveness.

Throughout the night, they seemed to take turns cuddling up with me.

It feels good to be alive, even if I am scared.

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  1. Give yourself time. You have had constant chaos and people around you for three weeks. Of course it seems strangly quite and lonely. I know you are a tough chick. I e-mailed you years ago when you where still chefing (is that a word?) and you have built a life that you love and live by YOUR terms. Not to many people can really claim that. When our bodies turn on us, we doubt our spirit. Don't doubt. You are going to get back in touch with your body and spirit. Just give it time and let your self heal,
    Take care


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