Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 08 08 754pm Dinner was Different

Banjo music is happy music!

Take a tour of Dixie with some Banjo music and enjoy!

This afternoon they came around with the dinner announcement of Chicken Soup and did we want it or not. They ask us every afternoon if we want dinner or not, as they are always hoping somebody is bringing our dinner in for us.

I must admit, I was hoping and praying an angel might bring me in some dinner too... tee hee hee

I had sat on the veranda earlier, and watched as hoards of people carrying aromatic foods, showed up and bestowed them on their loved ones.

I've had friends and loved ones drop off food for me too, so I know how it feels.

One of the patients had carefully coached me to BE BRAVE and ask for a sandwich. He had already heard it was chicken soup night and he knew I wasn't fond of their idea of chicken soup...

I thought I was really being set up...

Chicken Soup sounds wonderful, but I've tasted this hospitals' version of it 2-3 times now and it was not at all to my liking. I never finished a bowl, it was so sad.

Some love it, some hate it.

Their version is made with lots of chicken skin, and comes with about an inch of fat on top of the soup plus dumplings and ONE carrot for the entire hospital. No salt, no pepper, no meat, no veggies save for the speck of carrot and maybe a tiny chunk of potato. Last time I fished out the speck of carrot and I admit, I did find a tiny bit of potato but I just couldn't stomach the high fat and the chicken skin floating everywhere and the lack of flavor. I was well, expecting some chicken meat... and spices and stuff.

So today, when I was asked if I was having the soup tonight, I bravely asked if I could have a sandwich instead. The dietitian stared me down and said "You DON'T want the soup?"

I put on my saddest face, hung my head low, and slowly shook my head no.

"What KIND of sandwich?"

Meekly I mumbled "Any kind, Tuna is fine, what ever you want to make is fine with me."

She stared at me, then walked off.

So I was SHOCKED when at dinner time, a cold cheese sandwich was delivered.

It was delicious!

More people stopped by and prayed for me. Saturday is busy with the praying folks. Gotta keep the devil away!!!

The devil came around today and tried to grab my good arm and we had another go around about THAT.


Also, the antibiotic cream for the bad arm finally showed up, so I stand a chance now of fighting this staph infection.

DING DING! I won again!

Now I am positively EXHAUSTED! I tried to go for a walk, but my ears hurt and I got dizzy, so I came back to bed again.

The angel nurse, just came back here to see if I was OK. She is a true angel and I like her alot!

I am very berry tired again. So I am going nite nite now...

826pm and the mermaid is bushed!

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