Saturday, August 01, 2009

2009 08 01 1257pm Arm on Holiday

I worry about the high fat in the diet here...

This is powder potatoes and stewed meat I think. Not sure what kind of meat, but it's difnitately not vegetarian stuff. I guess the grease should lubricate the other end *TEE HEE HEE* Most of it's bone, with a few bits of fat and meat clinging to it. The sauce is just melted fat or grease, hell I have no idea, there is no flavor.

And a wonder why I am sitting here craving veggies and salads... Of course I LOVE pizza and actually if you order lots of veggies, pizza is a good source of a balance meal. My friend brought me a pizza the other night and it was YUMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pin cushion needs a break! They've unplugged EVERYTHING today and I feel GREAT. My arm is slowly shrinking...

They keep eyeballing my good arm, and I say LOOK but don't touch! I already let you WRECK one, you can't wreck two! So now I am swallowing handfuls of pills, cups of pills, shot glasses of pills... AND GUARDING MY GOOD ARM.

I am VERY tired, but if I fall asleep, the gremlims might come ruin my good arm!


Ptoouey! Pink ones, red ones, white ones, skinny ones, fat ones, round ones, long ones, square ones, rectangle ones... pills, pills, pills!

Speaking of WRECKING, how do you ruin peas and carrots? I was SO thrilled to see peas and carrots today, but somehow they heated them up until they tasted like cardboard. I don't get it! How you do dat?

Yesterday we had bean salad, the stuff out of the can, but they COOKED IT, boiled it something awful and it was the most hideous taste I've ever had. How you open a can and RUIN IT???

WHOSE job is it here to RUIN identifiable food? Why dey do dat? Can I slap some sense into you?

Job Description: Must be able to take simple food and ruin it, after making sure there are NO nutirents left what so ever in the food, must make sure to trick patients into thinking ruined food is the best...

Bean salad is meant to be served COLD, not boiled until the beans are tough as shoe leather! And the tastes, gag me, when you think you are getting a delightful bean salad and it's boiled to death, OMG, so SAD.

Yet the powdered potatoes were made to perfection, minus the salt, minus the butter, minus the milk, minus the pepper, but at least when you tasted them you KNEW it was powder potato, it wasn't like they ruined that too.

I WORRY about the high fat in our diets here:


Send over cookies and juice!


  1. That meal looks disgusting. No wonder you feel so poorly. When is the chef making his next visit? If I lived there I would come over with juice and home made cookies. When you get outta there, contact me for a great way to make your own yummy yogurt. You won't have to rely on the shops supply again!


  2. I love yummy yogurt. The food here is (said very politely)


    I feel like I am treasure hunting when I dissect these various peace offerings.


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