Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2009 08 04 6am I woke up ALIVE again!

I got too hot for the parade yesterday. My temperature soared up, so I ended up confined back to my bed. Sometimes I would get up and press my face to the window and try to see the parade, but I couldn't really see much, just HEAR the music. Very loud music and plenty of it for hours! My windows have plastic over them, so it's Claude Monet type views.

I woke up and my Father had sent me a hand written get well card and I was so startled because he died two years ago, the night carnival opened. He was a gentleman and visited his friends in the hospital (he met my mother visiting a friend in a hospital) and he loved to send cards and stuff.

Now that I am awake, I can't find the card he sent me. I guess I dreamed it all. Maybe not.

I dreamed I went home and all my potted plants were planted in the garden and teeny tiny, but the place was all cleaned up nicely. I dreamed the cats ignored me and were mad I had been gone so long!

NO one has doctored up my staph infected arm yet. It's gross looking. Yuck! Maybe they will get to it today. I still protect my good arm and let them keep destroying the bad arm. It keeps me sane I think.

AM I sane?

Company came by with bananas and you would think I am in the Caribbean now, what with eating a banana! What a treat! I heard groceries were hard to find around Carnival. I don't understand why, but it happens every year.

I think I used to know why, I just can't remember.

Getting hit over the head, well that has it's moments. I forget silly things, and other things I shall NEVER forget.

I won't ever forget eating homemade ice cream on the balcony here with my dear friend *tee hee hee*. And to think I thought I would be leaving then! Ha!

I don't WHEN I am getting out of here. Soon as I am strong enough to go home!

Last week, my dear friend L.H. from east end, brought me ice tea in a TALL cup and I've kept that cup ever since, making sun tea every day. I am down to my last Lipton green tea bag, I already ran through the Enchinecea tea bags. I find iced tea very healing. I gave up on the ice around here. I just make sun tea and drink it at room temperature. The tea is so refreshing! Green tea has plenty of antioxidents and loads of good stuff.

A lot of sick people around here.

I climbed the steps to the next floor and found another balcony to hang out on. I didn't stay too long. Somone had left their bandages there! Like a mummy escaping! I guess yesterday was kind of a slack day around here, what with the big carnival parade and all.

Everyone was in good spirits. Alot of people had company yesterday, folks all over the place and once the doctor rounds were done, it seemed visiting hours lasted all the rest of the day.

They set up a tent in the parking lot below. Then they brought the ambulance around and loaded it up with food and stuff, drive it down and unloaded it at the tent and set up a food stall for the parade. It's a good thing too, cause the parade had traffic stopped at both ends of the island for about five hours. I am amazed the staff made it to and from work and it seemed they all ate at the tent below.

It's 623am now and breakfast comes at 8am. Breakfast has been tiny lately. Last week it was an odd assortment of stuff. One day it was a whole weenie with a torn half weenie and white bread. Another day 3 frozen fish sticks and white bread. One day was a peice of deep fried Spam and white bread. Twice we got a teeny piece of cheddar cheese to go with the white bread. Twice I've had a tiny little spoon full of egg. I LOVE EGGS. I can't wait to get out of here and eat eggs! My cholesterol has been normal for years and I eat eggs! But I don't pile on the other meats, but man oh man, I can't wait to get out of here and have a nice big fluffy egg sandiwch on multi-grain with mayo, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Oh yum!

One day we had this strange bit of stuff, I asked around later, and the other patients think it was imitation bacon! My gosh, who ever heard of such foolishness! It looked like painted cardboard and came on top of the teeny tiny itty bit of scrambled egg. Another evening , we had a veggie patty on a bun. Now all sandwiches come SUPER DRY. Not sure what's up with that, but it must be SUPER DRY to be a sandwich here.

The veggie patty was pretty good, but it was so dry, it hurt the throat to eat it.

Most days I get a steamy cup of Ovaltine, with breakfast, but lately it's been a hot cup of Evaporated milk.

Which I should mention yesterday they sent over WHEAT bread twice! Once at breakfast they gave me wheat bread to go with the lettuce and tomato and then last night they gave me a tuna sandwich on wheat. It also came with the little rectangle bowl of Cheam of What. Now I get Cream of What for breakfast AND dinner? YUCK! Please Noooooooooo.

Several patients were grumbling about that! I don't blame them, Cream of WHAT once a day is bad enough. And NO, I don't pile it up with sugar either like they tell you too. "Just smother the Cream of WHAT in sugar, it will taste fine...."

Now everyone is a bad mood, no one wants Cream of WHAT twice a day. Come on folks.... They really want us on the phone all day, begging folks to bring us food. Most patients do have relatives bringing them food.

My chef friend brought me pizza and soup and veggies and fruits for a few days and OH MAN, it was heavenly! But now his place is closed for Carnival, so the party is over *tee hee hee*.

Another friend went shopping and brought over some basics like juice, fruit cups, crackers, bananas, and (shhhhhhhhhhhh) cookies! I wasn't a cookie person until now! YUMMY!

My blood sugar shot up here and now they prick my fingers all day and sometimes give me insulin. THis is all temporory. My blood sugar was fine for days, but then the diet and all and well it shot up! I guess after awhile, out of boredon, a patient will eat anything they put on the plate! Now they say it's a side effect of one of the many many dugz I am still on. (What happened to being weaned off???)

But really when I get out of here, I can't wait to have veggies and fruits and juices and beans.

My neighbor, V, bless his soul, brought me 2 clean dresses and my new eyeglasses! I can SEE beyond 3 feet now! WOOPIE!

I need a bath I guess. *sniff sniff* and time to change into a clean dress.

7am, another hour until breakfast.

My face is covered in a mask and medicines are pumped in for 20 minutes.

I hope to do some more stairs today.

I have to be STRONG to go home. I'm going to be all alone and I don't think the cats are going to cook much (here, have a mouse...with a lizard tail on the side...)

So I have to be able to cook and clean and walk and climb steps and hills and HEY, what about work? I have to go back to WORK at some point.

Good grief, it's all so mind boggling.

I'm signing off to go pray for ANGELS.

58 minutes until breakfast.

tee hee hee *hiccup*

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