Saturday, August 01, 2009

2009 08 01

The attendant came in to do my blood sugar and I said, I bet it's high now isn't it. ANd he said yes. I said it was LOW when I came in, nice and normal.

"Oh really?" he says.

"Yes, it was nice and normal when I first got here. Well, at least IT works! I'm the lab rat to prove it IS true!"

"What works?"

"The hospital diet designed to put me into a diabetic coma, it's working!"

"Oh THAT" he giggles.

Breafast arrives. White cream of goo in a square bowl, 8 packs of white sugar, 1 pak of imitation grape jelly, 4 half slices white bread, a teeny tiny itty bitty shot glass of the beloved juice I SO CRAVE and the usually boiling hot Ovaltine in a mug. Today's accoutrements are a teeny tiny window slice of cheese (so thin you can hold it up to the window and see right through it) and a slice of pink tomato and the cream du al cream a piece of ROMAINE LETTUCE! I bet it weighed at least a tenth of a tiny gram and I soooooooooooo treasured that dark leafy spec of health! I eat the lettuce righ away and immediately feel guilty, I didn't go much much slower and savor it much much longer.


I stumbled across thse funny quotes about Cream of What: ( NO one knows for sure what we are getting here, Cream of Wheat or Cream of Rice of Cream of Oat or Cream of What? There is nothing creamy about it at all, but it's not near as lumpy this week as last week, so things are improving I guess!

>>>>(Cream of Wheat) can anyone tell me why my local supermarket gives me four choices for what should be one of the most basic foods on the shelf? See the picture below that I snapped yesterday. We apparently have a 10-Minute version, a 2.5-Minute version, a 1-Minute version, and an Instant version now:

.....And perhaps more importantly, if the stuff is to be eaten hot, how much quicker could “Instant” really be than “1-Minute”? Who is the person who needs to shave a few seconds off of their one-minute breakfast drill?

I agree and burst out laughing, my cream of what flying around the room! Tee hee hee! Is life so bad that they have to come up with an instant breakast FASTER than one minute???

Yesterday, I ate ALL the fruit my friend brought. It was pre-chopped and in a bowl and it was HEAVEN. I thought I had died, it was SO GOOD. Plus I got a GOOD hit of the honest to goodness plain yogurt and man oh man, that was heaven on earth! I must be DEAD, life is so GOOD!

tee hee hee *hiccup*

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