Thursday, August 20, 2009

There Is a Way

Frances from Chicago says:
There Is a Way
There is a way to overcome
The obstacles we face in life...
To many, they seem quite burdensome
And they're ready to give up the strife.
Oh friend, keep struggling as you trudge along
Upon life's rugged road;
There's someone waiting to right the wrong
By lifting your heavy load.
There is a way to smile again
If you'll look up in the sky;
You'll find the sunshine after the rain
When the clouds have drifted by.
Though many tears have filled your eyes,
They've made the way quite clear
To find a rainbow in the skies
And take away your fear.
Yes, there's a way if you'll look for it;
You'll find many blessings if you do not quit
And they will multiply.
Just trust in God from day to day
And don't give in to despair.
Hold on to His hand, let Him lead the way,
Keep a song in your heart and a prayer.
by Lou Ella Cullipher
And another verticle day has passed!!
Horizontal is only good when one is engaged in flatbacking.
Check out the prospects while you are there.

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