Monday, August 03, 2009

2009 08 03 1223 am MOnday

Dinner arrived and WOW it looked like a beautiful chicken breast, a REAL baked potaot and a tossed salad with nice dark leafy romaine and tomato. A BUTTER pat was even added along with a small thingy of dressing for the salad!

I must have fallen alseep and am dreaming BIG time! I arranged and reaaragned my food on my plate and table. I wanted to savor the fine food, and before I could get settled. along came a nurse and an orderly.


I looked startled. I had just turned my table on wheels to face the windows and now my view was being stolen.

WHat did i DO?

I asked.

NOTHING! YOu will love the new room.


I'm getting a ROOM???

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