Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2009 08 05 1039am and it's no good, I just wanna go home

Now I can't stop crying.

The docs came around and right when I thought everything was going right, it's going all wrong.

I miss my kitties. I want something to pet and love.

I can't stop crying. I wanna go home.

Why won't my body just roll over and act right?

15 days in here and I wanna die or get well, I wanna go home.


  1. What has gone wrong DMM? I know you are ill but wouldn't it ease your situation, perhaps, if you shared what is wrong with those who are desperate to help? Were you able to ask your Doctors if phneumonia could be ruled out? Who is looking after your cats?

  2. What do you mean, that when you thought everything was going right, it's going all wrong? Did the doctors give you some bad news? Please tell us what is happening.

    Is there anything at all we can do for you... those of us who don't live on the island?

    I too have wondered how you are managing your costs and who is looking after your place and your cats.



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