Sunday, August 02, 2009

2009 08 02 935am Rats, Darn, Shoot, Fiddlesticks

After breakfast, which today contains ONE tablespoon of EGG (I love eggs!) I strolled outside and right down the steps to the nice shady area under the Tamarind tree and pretended I was going home. It felt SO good, I almost flagged down a taxi and LEFT!

Even funnier, a young man came along, admiring my long hair and begged for my phone number and I must admit, that got me laughing and cutting up and feeling GOOD again. I am thinking this young guy needs EYEGLASSES! I suggested he give me HIS number but he went through loops and hoops trying to explain why it would be better if he had MY number and me trying to explain, I spend much of my day under a face mask and can't talk anyhow...

But it made me feel great and then I saw the doctors come to work, so I dragged myself back up the steps and past the gate keeper, then down the hallway and plopped back in bed. Now I am sweaty and coughing and turning red,white and blue.

I debate about what to do next. Do I nap, or do I sleep?

Oh yea, doctor's rounds!

The docs come and they don't like my ugly arm (neither do I!) The blood tests came back and the white blood cells have soared again!


I burst into tears.

I wanna go home.

I miss my cats.

I miss my life.

I wanna live.

I wanna breathe.

I wanna finish the next book, I am SO CLOSE to finishing it!!!

I wanna pet my cats!

Boo hoo hoo!

OK, sniffle, they gave me a long list of what I DON'T HAVE!

But what is eating Dear Miss Mermaid? Literally?

The team of doctors has grown, I feel confident they will find SOME way to bring these white blood cells back in line again. This is SO CRUEL!

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