Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 08 12 705am WHiney Witch

I guess I am just a whiney witch!

My tongue is so destoryed from the antibiotics they gave me, that I can hardly eat anything and my stomach complains constantly. I need SOFT foods for now, but no one cares.

My friends brought in YOGURT for me. I put my name on it and it's kept in the refrigerator down the hall. I have to ask permission like a little child to have my yogurt. I NEED yogurt to stomach these awful drugs.

For two days they REFUSED to let me have my yogurt and I should have fought them on this. It would have saved my tongue! One staff person can't tell the difference between yogurt and ice cream and she constantly yells at me about eaitng ice cream and I explain IT IS YOGURT and she says SAME THING!

Well ice cream and yogurt are NOT the same thing!

But I guess she got REVENGE on me now. SOMEBODY froze up yogurt rock solid hard and ruined it.

Today, I went to get my yogurt and surprisingly they told me to go fetch it myself. Some staff let me touch the fridge others refuse, so it's a GAME we play. I went in and searched the fridge and my yogurt was gone.

I went back to ask about it, after all it had my NAME on it. A staff member suggested that someone cleaned the fridge and tossed it out. I said WELL, I wish they had ASKED me, since it had my NAME On it!

It was a BIG container of PLAIN yogurt. That stuff is not cheap here! It costs like $6 to $10 depending on which store you get it at! Grrrrr...

I jokingly said (thinking of the fool who yells at me for eating ice cream when I am eating yogurt) MAYBE somebody put it in the freezer...

THe staff opened up the freezer and there was my yogurt, frozen hard as a rock. What's even worse, it looks like it sat outside the fridge for a long time, as the whey had separated. SO it's two toned frozen hard as a rock.

Now I have nothing to eat.

I think I am going to pack up, call a taxi and go home.

I am sick and tired of the torture here.


  1. Probiotics should be delivered today or tomorrow - they'll clear up your stomach turning topsy-turvy, and maybe even the thrush.

    Glad to hear you're getting paroled - the hospital is no place to be when you're sick!


  2. I'm a newbie as far as reading your blog(s) and really enjoy your writing.

    It sounds like you REALLY love yogurt, so i thought i'd pass along my recipe (for your use once you get out of that gawd awful place):

    This doesn't call for precise measurements, but i'll get it as close as i can:

    in a saucepan or microwave, heat 2 cups of milk (whole, lowfat or skim -- doesn't matter). You don't want to boil it but get it pretty hot to where if you stuck your finger in it it would be uncomfortable.

    Remove from heat and cool until it's about how a baby's bottle should be (hope this makes sense). Take a couple of heaping tablespoons of plain yogurt (i use organic but whatever you can find will work as long as it's plain-flavored). Put in a glass or ceramic dish w/ a tight fitting lid (no plastic!). Wrap the bowl w/ a couple of thick blankets or towels. Leave out overnight or for about 8-10 hours. After this time, the yogurt will have 'set up' a little & you can now add vanilla extract, if you like vanilla yogurt (yum!).

    Always leave a couple of tablespoonfuls to use as your 'starter' yogurt and you can make more batches as needed. Eventually, you'll need to bring in some fresh 'starter' (i think the yogurt cultures dilute & lose their ability to multiply).

    I hope this didn't make your cravings any worse but will give you something to look forward to once you spring that joint.
    Good luck & keep your sense of humor!

  3. Oh Dear! Guido sent me along to say hello and offer some words of encouragement and ... well, here I am!

    So sorry to read of your horrid adventure -- and hope it ends soon for you.


  4. Keep your flippers up Missie!!! - tomorrow will be a better day. You cannot forsake your avid readers by hiding out in that HH (horrible hospital) much longer. Just remember: " A mermaid must do what a mermaid must do to hold steady in a rough tide - Swim like you've never swum before!!!!! " Wishing you the best of good health soon.


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