Saturday, August 08, 2009

2009 08 08 718am Woke up Alive!

I'm sore and tired and my body clock is sooooooooooo confused, but I woke up alive and that's always a good sign!

I don't know how or why my body clock is destroyed, I hope that is just a temporary side effect!

I woke up last night and gauged it to be 430am and lawdy mercy, it was almost 1am. It used to be I could name the time, without a clock, and typically be within 10 minutes of being right.

Now I am always wrong and confused. But my body isn't on a schedule here. It depends on the maintenance and the nursing shift.

Since the air conditioning was repaired, I am catching up on my sleep. But also, the nurses keep waking me up for drugz or stat check, or whatever they call it, when they wake you up to see if you are dead or alive.

Since my ANGEL brought in a fan, I've been running it and I feel VERY spoiled. It seems to speed up the air conditioning and make it a lot cooler.

Funny, I am used to living with just a fan and no air conditioning at home, my apartment has no A/C. But being sick and cranky, well that is different.

The air conditioning doesn't really cool here as much as it does seem to take away from the humidity.

I hope an angel shows up with food today. The food quality has plummeted again. Nobody (no restaurants) deliver "prepared" food in Tortola that I know of.

It's a concept used around the world that has never been used here. Go figure... I could be wrong though, it seems I have read that some place downtown delivers downtown, just that I can't remember WHO and if it's myth or truth or not and does the hospital count as downtown.

If anyone knows, you can always write me at:

DearMissMermaid AT

You can change the AT to you know what!!!

My spell heckler seems real fickle today on this program. I think I will cat nap until the breakfast arrives.

Breakfast is typically a stack of bread and the white cream of what and something else thrown on the plate. Yesterday it was a tiny slice of turkey, and it tasted pretty good. Sometimes instead of the Cream of What we get this super high sugary cereal flakes and boiling milk.

I haven't seen the chocolate Ovaltine in quite a while. It's boiled evaporated milk they bring me around. The morning after the heat wave, I was sitting here in a big puddle of sweat with about an hour's sleep to my name when they brought in a cup of the boiling Cream of What and the cup of boiling milk, I asked the nurse if they were trying to kill me.

She said it was a Caribbean t'ing to have all this evaporated hot milk at breakfast, that she once visited America and was startled to find they drink their milk cold and that is wasn't at all thick like the canned evaporated milk.

I told her I would do ANYTHING to get a cup of ice...

I won't tell you what I did, but I did get the cup of ice! YIPPEE!

I poured the boiling milk over it and let it cool down to drinking temperature. It was WONDERFUL!

21 more minutes until today's mystery breakfast shows up. I already found a cheerful nurse who let me have my yogurt this morning and that was NICE.

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