Friday, August 07, 2009

2009 08 07 610am Friday the 7th

She came bearing pills, water and the nebulizer face mask thingy. Then she pricked my finger and checked to see if I had any blood left.

Do you ever sleep? She asks me.

Not when I it's 102 and I just can't cool off! I'm surprised the staff even comes to work, this is just downright horrible conditions to work in. And heat stroke...

The air conditioning broke firs thing Monday morning and this is Friday morning and no one has shown up to fix it YET.

I am fighting for my life here, I am trying to keep things funny, upbeat, humorous, positive, ANYTHING to speed my recovery along! I even put on lipstick most days, just to feel ALIVE again. But this HEAT is just killing me now.

Like I've wasted all this energy getting well, only to be consumed by heat stroke.

Sad eh?

If ANYONE out there knows of a A/C tech that can volunteer some time, send him to the hospital to fix the medical ward before we all perish, please...

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