Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 08 11 634pm Chocolate from Baltimore!

Yippee! A surprise visitor today from Baltimore who came with CHOCOLATE!

Actually he gave me a 20 minute notice, which was nice, as I leaped out of bed, put on a fresh dress, combed out my hair, put on lipstick and did my BEST to imitate a LIVING PERSON!

About that time the nurses showed up poking, prodding, drawing blood, shooting me full of meds, handing out cups of pills and trying to strap on a face mask of nebs and I said "Wait! I have COMPANY coming!"

The longer I stay here, the less company I have and that is to be expected. People have better things to do and many are scared of the hospital and we can't fault them there either.

Now, I just KNOW I am going to get well in a jiffy! I just had a square of Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate and oh boy was that ever DELICIOUS. I feel BETTER already!

It couldn't have happened at a better time.

I've been VERY depressed and not posted much at all today. The Docs delivered some devastating news, and well, I just felt like crying most of the day, although I kept getting interrupted by pesky staff.

I finally cried myself to sleep this afternoon, and next thing I know two other patients are waking me up! They come in whispering something I can't understand, so I get up and shut the door, and they reveal they have smuggled a pizza into the hospital to cheer us all up! We sat and munched away, feeling VERY naughty.

And it tasted WONDERFUL.

Then hours later, the CHOCOLATE!

ANGELS, there are angels looking out for me! ANGELS everywhere!

Yesterday the Lady Minster came to talk and pray. She is a stalwart of strength. Another Angel!

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  1. dear god, please bless all pizza-delivery-inmates.

    they should inherit the earth.


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