Saturday, August 01, 2009

2009 08 01 628am No Corporal Punishment

I had the eye mask on and the oxygen. I had even lowered the bed some, to pretend I could almost sleep horizontal (har har har, tee hee hee, cough, giggle, cough...) If a flat bed is at 180, then I was laying at about 240 degrees I guess, oh well.

No one slapped me or anything, just began calling my name. I tried to sit upright, I could tell the massive lights were on and the voice was telling me to take the face mask and put it on but my body was screaming for the bathroom, now that I was in this half way fog of life or death, of unconsciousness or consciousness.

That limbo, of where I wander just WHERE am I?

Another stern voice yells for me to go the restroom.

It's hard to tell if I am in prison or the hospital.

I stumble up and nearly fall down. I wish the powers were patient. I really do NOT want to brake anyting ELSE in here.

I began weaving around and stumbling, it's the best I can do at this unholy hour and what with the super sharp bright lights drilling a hole in my head and I do NOT have my prescritption glasses here and that's a head ache all it's own...

Another voice yells at me to be careful!

I think DUH, why don't you people let me WAKE UP gently and go pee SAFELY without threat of breaking anything, then torture me with your lights and masks after I am SAFE in bed again?


Finally I weave back down the hallway like a drunk on a joy ride and back to my bed. I can't do anything to do this ANY better. At home, I WAIT until I am able to walk without breaking much, and then head for the head, I don't just have someone torture me then force me to go walk under threat that otherwise, I will be strapped to the bed, unable to pee for an hour when my sides are about to split and so on....


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